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Domino is a card in the form of a slightly elongated box with a picture in the form of red circles and on the Domino card image it represents black numbers with round numbers that make a groove in such a way as 1 to 6 with a straight line splitting on the right and left. On the right and left there are the same instructions and many are different.

Dominoqq game itself was discovered in early 1120 AD and found in China. Based on some historical records there is evidence of fragments that go back to the time of the warrior / hero named Hung Ming in 181-234 AD. Based on some different historians that Keung Tai Kung in the 12th century BC had made it first. But Yang Chu sz mentioned that Domino was created in 1120 AD by a statesman.

There are historical records that mention that Yang Chu sz sweet potato gave Emperor Hui Tsang one piece of card as an offering, then this game began to spread widely during the reign of Hui’s son, Kao-Tsung in the year 1127-1163 AD. But there are sources who say that the document pays attention to this information in the discovery of dominoes and dominoes, there are different names such as trusted Dominoqq Online.

Where Michael Dummett had one sentence short writing in the history of the 18th era was so rubbed against the introduction of dominoes in locations of Europe (Italy), Venice, and Naples. Although Dominoes came from China, there was a discussion going on whether the makers came from Europe or came from China to Europe in the 14th century or were created independently.

You get many opportunities for the meaning of the word domino, the first can come from the Latin word “Dominus” which is the host. In English and Scottish there is also a word that can refer to it, namely “Domini”.

the written history of dominoes gives rise to many different versions. But from all versions it already happened when Domino was first born and known in China. Domino cards have now been changed to be more modern and can be enjoyed by all groups.
There are so many websites on the internet and social media that provide domino games. Unlike in the real world, dominoes on the internet are not just playing with other people. Computers can be played against when players play alone.

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